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Extra VIP Services

These are some of my unique offerings to help Ignite your health journey. I look forward to supporting you in creating a balanced, joyful life!



VIP Day is a unique transformational day that we create together to personalize your needs! We choose from all of my holistic offerings and create a hands-on, nurturing day just for you! It will be a day of pampering, self-care, learning, and deeper reflective work that will help set you on your path to healing from the inside out!

I offer Health coaching, Zoning, Lymphatic Therapy, cooking lessons, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), healthy market tours, pantry makeovers and much more! You can choose a half or a full day, and are welcome to invite someone special to join you. I also offer VIP Day for a small group and I’m happy to set up a fabulous day for you and your family and friends!

Examples of how a fabulous VIP day would be:

Half Day – a rejuvenating zoning session, breakthrough health coaching session, and private cooking lesson (~ 4 hours).
Full Day – a rejuvenating zoning session, breakthrough health coaching session, private cooking lesson, and healthy market tour (~ 5-6 hours).

Click here to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation with me so we can create your customized VIP Day!

Success Stories

“Dana helped me to sift through information I already knew, and applying pertinent and better health knowledge in a more realistic, pleasant way… and deciding what changes I should focus on first.” – Lillian Smith, San Ramon, CA

“Dana has showed me that a healthy lifestyle is not solely a number on a scale, but a way of using nutrition to transform yourself from the inside out.” – Karin S., San Jose, CA


Market Tour

Many of us have the great intention of switching to a healthier diet, so we start shopping at a “health food store.” I was there once… my first time in a health food store was overwhelming, as I didn’t know where to begin. Everything looked good, and was way more expensive! As I learned more about wholesome nutrition, I realized that not everything in a health food store is healthy!

They do carry many healthy products that we can’t find at a normal grocery store, however, a large percentage of their products is processed, contain unsafe ingredients, and unhealthy.

  • Do you want to start eating healthier but the thought of navigating and buying from a health food store seems overwhelming?
  • Are you unclear about which products are healthy and which are not?
  • Are you curious about how to eat healthier while staying on a budget?

I’m excited to offer Healthy Market Tours! I’ll guide you through different departments and isles, and offer my input on what is healthy and what is not. I’ll also share valuable tips on how to eat well on a budget. As a bonus, I will give nutrition advice and nourishing recipes so that you can start implementing healthy eating right away!

Click here to schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation and plan your Market Tour today!


1-3 people 90 minute private market tour

4-6 people 90 minute group market tour

Price: $150

Price: $175

Success Story

“Dana guided me to refine my diet and lifestyle so that I could better manage my diabetes and cholesterol levels. I now have a clearer understanding of the proper nutrition that best fits my need.” – Larry Zuckerman, Livermore, CA


Pantry Makeover

One of the best ways to ensure success in your new diet is to clean out the “bad” foods from your pantry and replacing them with wholesome nurturing foods. If you are serious about switching into a healthier diet, I can help you get there with a personalized Kitchen Pantry Makeover! It’s like “spring cleansing!”

Together, we can decide what foods, condiments, and beverages to let go of, and the healthy alternatives to replenish your pantry with. As a bonus, I’ll share nutrition advice and delicious recipes to give you a healthy jumpstart. I can also conduct a cooking lesson for you and your family right in your kitchen!

Click here to schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation and plan your Market Tour today!


90-minute pantry makeover

2-hour pantry makeover and cooking lesson

Price: $150

Price: $195

Success Story

“Dana helped me find clarity in my personal wellness and goals. She has been valuable in aiding me in achieving less digestive problems and expanding my understanding of nutrition.” – Tameka Medley, Fremont, CA


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