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Are you ready to ignite your life?

Imagine your daily life with clearer thinking, along with more energy, joy and excitement!


• Prioritize self-care and self-love

• Better understand what’s good for your body

• Be confident choosing and preparing healthier food

• Reach your ideal weight and feel amazing

Perhaps you’ve tried everything under the sun and have yet to find the right health solution. Or perhaps you’re ready to have the body that you want and feel good about yourself. Maybe you’re a parent who is looking to implement healthy changes for your family.

Like me, you may have noticed a world of conflicting information about nutrition and wellness and it may be overwhelming. My life passion is to share a wholesome way of living with you and to show you that everyone, including you, can eat better, live better, and love their life! Together, we can address all aspects of your health and create an individualized wellness plan to enable lasting success.

This site contains many useful resources that may help you on your transformation – please explore!

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Thank you for visiting, I look forward to getting to know you.

Let’s Ignite your life!

Dana Tran, CHC, AACP
Certified Health Coach & Foot Zonologist
Master NLP Practitioner
EFT Practitioner

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